Atlas EnergyShield Continuous Wall Insulation

Atlas EnergyShield Polyisocyanurate Foil-faced Insualtion, which all products can be installed on the exterior, interior, or within wall assemblies. Common installations include wood or steel stud, masonry, concrete, sheathing, gypsum and more. With flexibility in installation, Atlas has the ability to meet wall insulation needs for nearly any project.

  • EnergyShield® Pro provides Class A fire performance and an airtight barrier, helping to control air quality and temperature. EnergyShield Pro is an excellent choice for jobs that require a closed air circulation system.
  • EnergyShield® CGF Pro is great for large-scale commercial applications in which the commercial building needs to “breathe.” It includes a durable glass facer that is useful if construction occurs in stages that might leave insulation exposed for some time. EnergyShield CGF Pro is a great choice for jobs that require vapor-permeable insulation.
  • EnergyShield® PanelCast is an industry leader in concrete insulation. Based on EnergyShield CGF, PanelCast is glass faced insulation that does not require additional labor in the field to prepare it for mounting to concrete surfaces thanks to its rough surface that invites a strong mechanical bond. This efficient, resilient insulation product is vapor permeable, helping to prevent water issues and the formation of mold, and it’s alkaline resistant, providing a better long-term bond to wet concrete than other insulation. PanelCast also includes the full range of EnergyShield CGF benefits such as fire resistance, durability and superior R-value.
  • EnergyShield® Ply Pro provides a plywood face for easy mounting without the use of specialty tools, and can eliminate the need for separate insulation and structural layers. This can help reduce labor costs and increase efficiency in a metal building construction project.

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